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Realign Daily

 Mackenzie Hall - Personal Philosophy

Wellness begins with the relationship we have with our minds and our capacity to trust what our bodies know. I coach professionals on how to hone their intuition or"knowing" and live with greater clarity, calm and focus. I have a background in tech working for companies like Facebook and Being among highly cerebral and overextended entrepreneurs was the initial incentive to study mental health through the lens of Buddhist, Taoist and Vedic traditions. I spent two years living in Asia exploring ways to make meditation and mindful practice more accessible for Westerners. In 2014 I founded Realign Retreats in Bali, Indonesia for tech founders and entrepreneurs to learn how to reboot their minds and lead their companies from a greater sense of wellbeing.

“It wasn’t until I removed myself from technology and the "hamster wheel” of mental activity and immersed myself into the healing vortex Mackenzie creates through Realign that I felt in touch with my body, inner-knowing and sense of well-being again.”
Angela Bakke, Executive Editor/Owner - The Canals Magazine
“Mackenzie helped our attendees get the most out of our event by enabling each person to center themselves during her meditations each morning. The sessions centered us on the purpose of why we were there- to create change in ourselves and the world!”
Adam Pumm, Co-founder & CEO of Hive
“Mackenzie has that rare combination of being deeply in touch with who she is and where she's going, and the ability to empathize with anyone. This allows her to quickly and kindly assess people and support them in their path towards greater presence and authenticity.”
Dhaval Chadha, Founder & CEO of Sphere
“Mackenzie and I worked together in two retreats so far. I am thoroughly amazed and enjoyed her gentle yogini personality equipped with astute professionalism, which enabled the participants to dive into practice deeply and to experience revelation in life. I highly recommend her services, and I l already look forward to co-teaching again.”
Eiji Han Shimizu, Producer of world renowned documentary, “HAPPY”
“Mackenzie brought incredible value to our programs with her mindfulness and awareness of the everyone’s needs. Additionally, as a facilitator of various breathing exercises and meditation sessions, she positively influenced entrepreneurs and team members to resolve their business challenges. I highly endorse working with Mackenzie on an individual and or organization to enhance leadership effectiveness, increase individuals' productivity and creativity and meaningfully improve the culture of the entire organization.”
Fadi Bishara, Founder & CEO of
“Mackenzie has been my meditation guide for a few weeks and I can't express my feelings about this experience! She is very attentive and empathetic. You can tune your mind with just a few minutes of practice with her.”
Anastasia Green, Founder & CEO of Aware Co
“I met Mackenzie when she was running immersion programs for tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and was witness to her effectiveness in helping entrepreneurs reduce stress and find clarity in order to make better decisions for themselves and their companies.”
Ullas Naik, Founder, Streamlined Ventures & Cota Capital

A calm, clear mind attracts greatness.

Work with Mackenzie

You do not need to be “spiritual” or rooted in any belief system. My work as a coach and meditation teacher is to help you better understand how to manage your mind and your relationships.

Group engagements

Practicing mindfulness is a fundamental way for you to connect with yourself and others with greater ease and emotional intelligence. I work with teams and founders in office settings (Reddit, WeWork etc.) as well as virtually to help individuals build some of the skill sets mentioned below or address the particular challenges they are facing as leaders. I also do speaking engagements/offer instruction at conferences (MindValley's Awesomeness FestTech Open Air etc.) 

  • Learn techniques to boost productivity and decrease stress at work.
  • Develop mindfulness practices to begin meetings and communicate with team members and clients more effectively.
  • Learn how to lead with greater confidence, clarity and compassion.

Realign 1:1

This is for you if you're feeling stuck, experience stress, tension or a sense of dis-ease in daily life. I work with clients 1:1 to help them transform from what's causing them suffering or from what's holding them back from personal or professional success. I work in person and virtually with both individuals and couples. All levels of meditation experience are welcome; meditation is just one component of realigning.

  • Receive guidance on how to re-navigate areas of suffering and discomfort from your past, future and current life circumstances.
  • Learn how to use different meditation tools to support your particular life challenges.
  • Learn how to hone your own intuitive intelligence and capacity to self heal.
Realign Daily